Mirepa MD moderates geeks-on-a-plane discussion

Moderating the Geeks-on-a-plane panel at the Enterprise Africa Summit last month was both an exciting and insightful experience.  The panel was made up of a group of Silicon Valley technologists and investors as well as a representative from Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology.

The discussion dissected and evaluated the Ghanaian and West African entrepreneurial ecosystem, from the viewpoint of key actors including incubators, local/foreign investors and entrepreneurs themselves.  The fireside chat primarily addressed: 

  • The Ghanaian entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem: the role of entrepreneurs in impacting communities and economic development, opportunities, challenges.
  • Geeks on a Plane: success of GOAP, incentives for going on the tour and learning outcomes.
  • Investors: investment opportunities, criteria and experiences.
  • ‘Africa rising’ : the role of incubators, capital and resilience in acting as a crucial catalyst for development across the continent. A shift in the African narrative from aid-led solutions to enterprise-led solutions.

On the panel were:

  • Dave McClure (Founding Partner of 500 Startups)
  • Stephen Ozoigbo (CEO of African Technology Foundation)
  • Sam Amaor (CEO, Bluespace Africa)
  • Monique Woodward (Venture Partner, 500 Startups)
  • Ashwin Ravichandran (General Manager, MEST Incubator)


Samuel Yeboah

Founder, Mirepa Capital